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Reducing our carbon footprint one training session at a time. 10th March 2023

Morrison Telecom Services’ Leyland Training and Accreditation Centre uses solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and a battery unit reducing our carbon footprint.

This is just one initiative that has contributed towards M Group Services maintaining a top rated ESG score for a second year running, achieving our score of 8.5 out of 100, as assessed by independent global ESG experts, Sustainalytics.

With support from M Group Services Plant & Fleet Solutions, we were able to make the centre more sustainable by adopting the use of solar PV panels and a battery.

In the last year, the centre has saved 26 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent through the switch to on-site solar power. These reductions have also reduced noise from the site by almost half (47%), which is great for our neighbours.

These environmental benefits are a fantastic additional benefit for a site that has trained a total of 650 people in the year from January 2022, awarding over 1,000 individual accreditations annually.

We have 23 of these solar and battery units across our business, all helping to reduce our carbon footprint as we continue to deliver solutions for the future of UK infrastructure.

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