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Rory gains insight into Morrison Telecom Services 13th July 2022

Year eight student Rory recently visited Morrison Telecom Services (MTS) in Leyland. Rory joined his mum Jodie Worthington, SHEQ Advisor at MTS as part of his school’s ‘Take your child to work day’.

Jodie said: “Rory often asks when I get home from work where I’ve been that day and what the operatives onsite were doing. He’s really interested in finding out what happens on the telecom network, so it was fitting for him to join me for the day.”

Rory’s day began by completing the Telecom Division online induction. This training goes over the 10 zero-harm safety rules, safe digging practices, streetworks safety and introduces the telecom apps we use.

His favourite part of the day was watching a team undertake civil activities, something he has never seen before. Our people were laying new duct, installing a modular box and core drilling into an existing concrete chamber. Rory observed essential work as the chamber and box house vital infrastructure for the telecommunications network.

Rory visited our Leyland yard where he spoke to a poling team (a poling team is made up of poling engineers who install and remove poles, carry out safe excavation works and replace overhead and underground cabling) and watched them load the poling wagon. This allowed Rory to gain a better insight into their duties.

He also went to a couple of our other sites to see what our teams do and learn about processes involved when on site. Our people told Rory about Cable Avoidance Tools (CAT) and signal generators (Genny) which is undertaken before breaking ground. This helps teams identify any buried services they may come across and avoid striking cables.

They also showed him the Telecom Division Risk Assessment (TDRA) which is completed on an app.

Jodie said: “Rory had lots of questions throughout the day about our operatives and their roles. The teams we visited were great at including him in their demonstrations, where it was safe to do so.

“Hopefully Rory’s positive experience of the telecom industry is something he will share with his school, encouraging them to promote a wider field of careers to their students.”

We are pleased Rory chose to spend his day with us at MTS. We hope it has given him a better insight into a typical day of our operatives and perhaps inspired him to think about a career in infrastructure services.

M Group Services is committed to supporting and educating the next generation. We take pride in helping young people develop their knowledge and gain experience throughout our Divisions. Our aim is to inspire young people to pursue careers in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through interactions with our teams both in the classroom and on site.