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Parental world of work 22nd December 2023

Ashley McGivern, Senior Project Manager at Morrison Telecom Services, recently introduced his son, Harrison McGivern, to the world of work for the day as part of Harrison’s school Year Eight Parental World Of Work Day.

Harrison spent the day at our Leyland office for a jam-packed day of fun work experience. Before his day began, Harrison completed the online induction which involved information on safety, policies and procedures, getting him well prepared for the day ahead.

When Harrison arrived, Jason Harris, Fibre Supervisor at Morrison Telecom Services, showed Harrison around the office and gave an extra safety briefing for the day.

Steve Stopforth, Field Delivery Manager at Morrison Telecom Services, then educated Harrison on what a survey is and why they are important in the telecom sector, as well as how they’re used.

After a quick break, Alan Edwards, Field Supervisor at Morrison Telecom Services, took over to introduce Harrison to some of the technical elements to telecoms operations such as civils, safe digs, CAT and Genny.

Then it was time for food! Harrison was shown to the canteen where he had his well-deserved lunch break before ending the day with Jack Rigler, Performance Manager at Morrison Telecom Services, who introduced Harrison to the world of delivery, showing him how it’s measured and presented to others.

Ashley McGivern said: “The team looked after him and all I could see were smiles and laughter across the room. Thank you to all the team that made him feel welcome.”

Jack Rigler said, “above all, I was really impressed with Harrison’s attitude, especially considering the amount of information he was given throughout a long day, the application of his newfound knowledge was also fantastic to see. I found him to be an engaging and intelligent young man with a keen eye for detail.”

Well done, Harrison, we are glad you enjoyed your day!