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Superfast broadband has been introduced to Dalkeith, Scotland. 12th August 2022

Superfast broadband has been introduced to Dalkeith, Scotland.

The Morrison Telecom Services team has been working hard to provide the picturesque town of Dalkeith superfast broadband as part of Project Falcon for OpenreachThe team had the task of installing fibre optic cable through 28 kilometres of underground pipes, known as ducts. Ducts provide a highly protective environment for cables.

These were installed using the blown fibre technique, which uses compressed air to ensure correct placement of fibreoptic cables. Air reduces friction between the cable jacket and the inside wall of the duct. Challenges faced by the team included blocked underground pipes which were overcome by re-routing the cables to bypass the congestion.

Project Delivery Manager for Morrison Telecom Services Scotland, Pedro Manuel, said:

“As a manager, I can’t thank enough the teams for all the hard work. With persistence the team has completed this very challenging task.”

"The Morrison Telecom Services (MTS) Scotland Flex Field Delivery Team included Brett Smith, Ryan Moolman and Catalin Tanasa."

"Well done to everyone involved on this project and thank you to Brett Smith for his excellent video of the team at work."